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Energizing Sustainable Communities

Reconnect Clean Energy is a local solar company that is committed to the adoption of clean energy on Colorado's Western Slope.

Product Offerings

Our energy experts design, permit and install residential solar PV systems, saving homeowners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their clean energy investment.

RCE offers end to end solar plus battery storage solutions. Whether you are looking for backup power when the grid goes down, or self consumption to save big on a time of use pricing model we have partnered with the top of the line battery suppliers.

We will help keep your system working at it's max capacity.

Call us for your solar service needs including system inspections, removal and re-installation and critter guard. 

We partner with builders, architects and contractors early in the building process to help navigate new building codes, permit assistance and site evaluation.

Current News & Rebates

RCE offers $0 out of pocket financing options. Paying off a solar loan puts your money to work for you rather than paying your utility.
Install a solar system with $0 out of your pocket
Federal Tax Incentives are available to everyone. This incredible incentive has been extended through 2022, saving homeowners 26% on the cost of their PV system.
The Federal Tax Incentive received a welcomed extension making it a great time to go solar!
If Holy Cross is your utility, you are eligible for cash rebates.
Solar Rebates are available in Holy Cross Territory
Homeowners in Pitkin and Eagle counties can benefit from an additional cash rebate through  Aspen CORE.
CORE Rebates available for Pitkin and Eagle County
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