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Batteries & Storage

Reconnect Clean Energy has partnered with the leading battery companies in the industry to bring our customers top of the line technology to meet their energy needs.
Why Battery Storage?
Battery technology and storage is the missing piece to obtaining net zero in our communities. There are several use cases for implementing batteries with your new solar system or retrofitting batteries onto an existing system. Contact us to see how you can implement battery technology in your area.

Backup Power

Backup power from a battery system allows you to be prepared in case of a power outage. Your solar PV charges your battery during the day, enabling you to utilize your battery when the grid is down, protecting you and your family from unexpected blackouts.

Self Supply

If you opt into a utility billing model such as Time of Use where you pay very little for your electicity during non-peak hours, and 3x during peak hours, you are able to pull from your battery during peak hours when the sun may not be shining. This allows you to avoid buying expensive energy and helps increase your systems' ROI.

Virtual Power Plant

A Virtual Power Plant is when your solar charges your battery and you simply sell back your unused energy to your utility during peak demand. Making money off the energy you produce helps pay off your system faster. By keeping resiliency of the energy grid for you and your community.

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from backup battery storage.

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