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Install a home energy monitor today and start saving!

What is an energy monitor?

Home energy monitors are a hardware/software combo that allow the user to collect data on their energy consumption or production in real-time. Once the unit is installed in the main electrical panel, the consumption of select circuits will be measured and the usage patterns will become apparent

This product is ideal for homeowners that are curious of utility cost savings by reducing their consumption based on actual data. The software will give you a price breakdown of each electrical load and the dollar amount to operate.  The software is also compatible with smart switches and outlets to automatically turn off loads during peak times. As rate structures change and demand charges occur, investing in these units will pay for themselves with savings in no time. 

Lastly, if you have a solar system, adding a home energy monitor is the perfect way to monitor your system's performance. It will also help you curtail usage, which ultimately accelerates your payback period. 

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