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Are Critter Guards Important for Your Rooftop Solar System?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Most solar companies do not install critter guards, but are they missing an important step? We think so!

What is Critter Guard?

Traditional rooftop solar systems have a 3-6 inch gap between the roof and the solar panel. Critter guard is a mesh parameter that blocks the opening and deters birds and squirrels from entering underneath.

Why is Critter Guard Important?

The warm, protected environment under a solar array is an attractive location for pigeons and squirrels. Squirrels have a tendency to chew through wire, causing system failure and sometimes results in fire. This concern is especially prevalent in Colorado's mountain communities, including Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Basalt, Eagle, Vail, etc. While pigeons do not typically chew wire, they nest, lay eggs and cause a large mess which results in expensive clean ups. This issue is very common throughout the Denver Metro area. A quick Google search of 'squirrels or pigeons under solar' will illustrate the extent of the problem.

We always recommend avoiding these potential issues and protecting your solar investment by having your installer include a critter guard. At Reconnect Clean Energy, we include a critter guard with every rooftop installation to ensure the longevity of our clients' systems.

How Long Do Critter Guards Last?

Critter guards should be secured to last as long as your solar system. However, this is dependent upon the materials used and quality of installation. Because there is not yet one preferred solution, we have designed the Critter Blok, a patent pending fastener to address this issue. Our fastener is engineered to hold up for the lifetime of your system.

What If I Have an Existing Solar System Without Critter Guard?

If you are have been noticing squirrels or pigeons on your roof or your are proactively looking to protect your solar investment, our crews can add a critter guard system to your existing solar. We will also coordinate a cleanup if critters have already found their way under your solar and created a mess. Every solar system is unique, so we will size the critter guard to fit your exact needs.

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