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Why Solar?


Homeowners worldwide are saving on their energy cost by employing residential solar. Find out how much you could save each month. Fill out the contact form to get started. 


On average a solar system adds $15k to the value of your home. In Colorado this addition is exempt from increased property tax.

Utility costs fluctuate and are forecasted to rise. Solar energy costs are fixed, giving you a predictable energy bill for the next 20 years.


Significant tax credits are available with the Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC). The current tax incentive is 26% through 2022 making it a great time to go solar!

Solar power is a proven method of improving the quality of the environment by reducing the consumption of oil, coal and natural gas.


Local utilities such as Holy Cross and non-profits such as CORE offer cash back rebates on solar systems. 

Why Reconnect Clean Energy?


Our Expertise - We are solar veterans with over 13 years of solar installation experience. Whether you are building your dream home, or adding solar to an existing roof, we will design and install a system to meet your energy and financial goals. 

Our Employees - Reconnect Clean Energy is an employee-owned company. As co-owners we are all invested in our customer's success and bring a level of accountability that is not often found with contractors. Our mission is to create rewarding local jobs in our community and keep our economy strong.  

Our Product - We only work with highly vetted distributers to provide the best products on the market. All our equipment comes with long lasting warranties. If a warranty claim is necessary, we work directly with the our manufacturers to find a solution. 

Our Location - We are local in the Roaring Fork Valley and service the Vail Valley, Summit County and Grand Junction. We are in business because we care about making the community we live in more sustainable for future generations. 

Our Price - We are competitive with our pricing and will work with you to design a system size that meets your needs. Our goal is to make your decision to go solar an easy one. 

Our Transparency - We are upfront and honest about your home's solar potential and the savings you can expect to receive. If your roof needs a replacement or your electrical panel needs an upgrade, we will let you know so you can make informed decisions about how to move forward.  

Go Solar with No Upfront Cost

Low interest financing options for Solar PV helps homeowners put their money to work for them. Why pay the utility when you could pay off a solar asset!

The Colorado RENU Loan program - Offers low-cost, long-term financing to make solar energy projects easy and affordable. 

Alpine Bank - Homeowners can take out a home equity line of credit at a discounted rate for solar projects. You do not need to have your mortgage with Alpine Bank to qualify. 

Solar Financing
Path to Solar

Steps to Go Solar

We make going solar easy. The guide below will outline the steps of the process so you'll know what to expect. 

1. Prepare for Your Site Visit

  • Fill out the "Inquiry Form" below to provide us with your home's physical address and energy usage.

    • Physical Address: Our design software will provide detailed data about your home's roof orientation and shade analysis.  

    • Energy Usage: We'll need 12-months of energy bills for a more detailed analysis, or an annual average utility bill amount to get started. Depending on how much energy you use, dictates how much energy you are allowed to produce through solar. Don't know where to find your usage? We can point you in the right direction based your electric utility provider. 

  • We will schedule a free site visit and review an initial proposal. We can provide you with different pricing options and go over any clarifying questions. The proposal will also include a full financial analysis and highlight local rebates. 


2. Final Proposal and Permitting

  • If and when you decide to move forward, we will finalize a proposal and send it over for signature. 

  • Once signed, we will start paperwork and will take care of everything. This includes permitting, engineering, and equipment procurement. 

3. Installation

  • Our team will install your system and communicate our progress with you.

  • Once the installation is complete, we will coordinate with the utility to connect your system to the grid. 

  • Once your system is on, we will provide you with additional information about your system warranty and how to access your energy management information.

  • Have any questions post installation? We right down the road!

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